Explore - March 2016


Valerian bring the warmth and the transformative qualities of Saturn, the birth place of the ego, to both  medicine and to the compost pile.


“When you look at a field of dandelions, you can either see a hundred weeds or a hundred wishes.”

                        ~ unknown

White Oak

Famed for its endurance and longevity, even today it is synonymous with strength and steadfastness in the popular mind. In the Classical world it was regarded as the Tree of Life as its deep roots penetrate as deep into the Underworld as its branches soar to the sky.

Stinging nettle

Nettle, as I found out, loves to grow in places where iron was left to rust. Nettle has a deep connection to iron. Hans Christen Andersen wrote a fairy tale, symbolic of the nettle's connection to iron ...


The Greek named it  'ground-apple' - kamai (on the ground) and melon (an apple) - the origin of the name Chamomile. It is believed that chamomile was used in the mummification process for its ability to balance nitrogen process and prevent fortification.


Yarrow, a Venus plant embody within himself the Venus quality of humbly clearing space for something else to unfold

Is it just a simple cup of tea?

Drinking your morning cup of coffee or tea is a reminder that when we are talking about “consuming” or a world “addiction” to fossil fuels, we are not just using metaphors. We are talking of our own physical body and of diverse experiences of smells and tastes that have a personal and a global meaning – a meaning that is highly important to know if we are to make informed decisions.