Explore - April 2015

Medicine for body, soul and spirit

The image of the human being as a threefold being is central in what Rudolf Steiner called the “essential nature of man”. In that image man meets the world through three different venues: through his senses he observes and develops concepts or thoughts of the world, through his feelings he develops likes and dislikes toward the world, and through his will power he toils and thereby becomes one with the world.

Spring - A season for renewal

A mighty battle is taking place in nature these past weeks. The ancient grandpa winter is using all its companies of frost, wind and snow to keep his rule. Spring, a much younger, sunny and warm creature poke the old man belly sending ripples of giggles from the core of the Earth. As we get ready for spring it is important to keep in mind that transition period always present a challenge and an opportunity to our physical and mental well being.