Read - Gardener's Journal

Gratitude For Life

When you sit around the Thanksgiving table this year, give thanks to life. The life of the turkey and the vegetables on your plate. The life that was given to you and your loved ones and the life of those you don't really love. Life is the most precious gift that was given to us.

Farmer's Vision Quest

It is a very humbling experience when our plans meet the reality of nature. Agriculture is a culture because it combines the vision of religion, the healing power of science, and creativity of the farmer.

Contemplation on weeding 2

Like in the garden, our everyday life is filled with weeds. How many of us stop to contemplate our inner garden? Our life is filled with obligations. How many of these obligations are flowers that beautify our garden? How many are weeds that suffocate our inner garden and fill us with stress and anxiety?

What is Biodynamic Agriculture?

In the current evolution stage of planet Earth, it is necessary to use practices that heal and rejuvenate the declining vitality of the natural world. We practice biodynamic because we strive to grow food that nourishes and heal the human body and supports the development of the human soul. We are inspired to produce food that is full of vitality. Food that is medicine.

A Magic Touch

The sense of touch provides us with the experience of separateness that is essential to awaken in us our individuality, our uniqueness. But this gift comes with a curse ...

Reflect, Reevaluate, Renew

This is an invitation to use Advent as time of contemplation in preparation for New Year. I invite you to look back on your year and ask: What kind of seeds did you sow in your garden? How do you work with habits and rhythms? Do you let them carry you through the days and seasons of the year? What kind of feelings do you cultivate in your heart? Are they conducive to the journey that you have taken on for yourself.