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Gift Economy

Choosing to take part in a gift economy means to give generously without expecting anything in return and to trust that what you need will be given to you. This last part may not be directly from the person to whom you gave, but in a way that reinforces the interconnectedness of all beings. In our heart we are all needing the same; care, love, community.

Spring Cleansing

If you go out into your garden now and meet the humble plants that pop out first thing in the spring, they can teach you a lot about starting fresh. Dandelion pushing out of a corner of a building or between the cracks of a sidewalk can teach you about resilience, strength, and determination.

Let Go Of the Banana

The heart as an integration organ works both to integrate information from within our body and also information about our environment, meaning our relationship with the people, animals, and plants that are around us as is reflected through the autonomic nervous system. It is the place where the “in” and “out” of our being meet.

Gratitude For Life

When you sit around the Thanksgiving table this year, give thanks to life. The life of the turkey and the vegetables on your plate. The life that was given to you and your loved ones and the life of those you don't really love. Life is the most precious gift that was given to us.

GMO Yes or No?

When I have a conversation with people about the issues surrounding genetically-modified organisms (GMOs), many are confused about them. So here is my attempt to make things clearer.

Love and the Earth

If we are to create a new and hopeful future for man and the world then we need not just change our behavior, but also change our attitude. We need to create a new relationship with the world, a relationship that is based on our experience of the world as a living being.

Is it just a simple cup of tea?

Drinking your morning cup of coffee or tea is a reminder that when we are talking about “consuming” or a world “addiction” to fossil fuels, we are not just using metaphors. We are talking of our own physical body and of diverse experiences of smells and tastes that have a personal and a global meaning – a meaning that is highly important to know if we are to make informed decisions.

Medicine for body, soul and spirit

The image of the human being as a threefold being is central in what Rudolf Steiner called the “essential nature of man”. In that image man meets the world through three different venues: through his senses he observes and develops concepts or thoughts of the world, through his feelings he develops likes and dislikes toward the world, and through his will power he toils and thereby becomes one with the world.