The wind is blowing fiercely outside, playing music on the tree buds like on a string instrument. We are cuddled inside now, the garden all mulched and ready for the winter. In moments such as this I am counting my blessings and the first one is having a roof and walls to protect my family from the winds and cold of the New Hampshire weather.

Since we started farming, the simple things of life - shelter, food and warmth - are not things we can take for granted. If we do not grow our veggies in the summer,and then process and can, them we are not going to have food in the winter. If we neglect to close the chicken coop at night, we might get up in the morning to find out that a raccoon got all our chickens.

Farming comes with a freedom from the need to show up at work at a certain time, but also with the need to develop an internal incentive to get out every morning and finish a project, even when the weather is not cooperating. Some people might look at it and see only the hard work, but others, including us, feel empowered by the direct connection between our work and what sustains the life we live. Being grateful for the small things fills our life with so much more meaning than going to the supermarket to shop for a huge turkey, stuffing the turkey and then stuffing ourselves.