Community Supported Apothecary

The Bee Fields Farm Community Supported Apothecary deepens the relationship between you, your family and our garden. It gives you the opportunity to take care of yourself and your loved ones using remedies that are handmade with care and love from herbs grown in our garden. Growing our own herbs ensures that we know them intimately and that we use them in a way that optimizes their effect. It also ensures the high quality and freshness of all our remedies.

Living and farming in New Hampshire mean that we have four distinctive seasons. Each season has its own color and atmosphere. Each season brings its own gifts and challenges to our bodies, minds, and spirits. Our Community Supported Apothecary will help you navigate these challenges so you can fully enjoy the gifts of each season. At around the 6th of January, April, July, and October, we will mail you a package filled with six handmade products from our garden. The package will include herbal tea blend, herbal honey, herbal salves, cream, tincture, elixir, and other seasonal treats. Each package will also come with instructions on how to best use our goodies and tips for seasonal wellness.