Summer Workshops

Our garden provides us with a bounty of nourishment for body, soul and spirit. We would like to share it with you and invite you to visit our garden for a day, half a day or just for an hour. You may choose to join us for one of our workshops for a time of meditation, work and study or you can come for a self-guided tour stroll between the beds and enjoy the beauty and serenity of the garden. Either way we are looking forward for sharing the experience with you.

Medicinal Herb Garden Walk With Lior    |    June-September 2020   |    Free

Come join me from 3:30 - 4:30 p.m. for an hour-long walk through the garden. We will visit well-known herbs that hide unknown medicinal uses. We will also discover some lesser-known plants.
Wednesday June 17
Wednesday July 15
Wednesday August 19
Wednesday September 16

Summer Workshop in the Garden

Herbal medicine is an easy and wholesome way to make you and your family stronger and healthier. We now offer workshops and guided tours for you, your friends, and family. Pick a summer day, choose one of the following topics, and come experience Bee Fields Farm. Learn about our garden, the journey of our product from seed to jar, and herbalism.

Email herbalist Lior Sadeh at for questions or to schedule a time. We tailor our workshop experience especially for you, so feel free to suggest another topic or make requests. We welcome 5-12 participants in every workshop. Fees are $40 per participant.

Spring into detox

Spring is up and so are we,  ready to begin...

Spring is a time of renewal. But nothing new can grow unless the space was made for it to be born. When it comes to our body the best way to renew it, is by detox diet and herbs. Come learn about detox herbs and foods for the Liver, Colon and Urinary tracts.

Make your dreams of an herb garden a reality this year!

Join me for an evening workshop we will explore the potential purposes, designs, cultivation methods, pruning, harvesting and storage of herbs. An extensive overview of 10 common herbs including their uses and gardening needs is included. Using a learning journal, art supplies and a variety of design templates, each participant will create a personal herb garden design, and an informational handout of common herbs and their uses. The workshop will be followed by a plant sale.

Herbal Allies for stress

Too busy & stressed out seems like a significant number of people's mode of operation. While stress may help us get things done, often it may develop into overwhelming feelings that have a negative impact on other areas of your life. During this class, we will discuss a variety of herbal remedies, including adaptogens, that can help us manage and reduce our levels stress. Additionally, assess your own stress levels and discover which herbs may benefit you the most.

It takes guts to be healthy

We truly are what we eat and more accurately we are what we absorb. The GI tract is responsible for providing nourishment to all the cells of our body and contributes to digestion, absorption, detoxification, elimination and immune function. Our strength and vitality, even our thoughts and feelings are dependent upon proper digestion. Poor dietary choices, stress and both pharmaceuticals and over-the-counter medications are the primary contributors to digestive imbalances including feelings of fatigue, bloating, abdominal aches, food allergies, IBS, inflammatory arthritis, heartburn, and more. Discussion centers on healing herbs and dietary choices.

Infused Oils and Salve Making

Infused Oils and Salve Making: Learn the time-tested secrets to making beautiful, consistently concentrated herb infused oils for creating your own homemade salves, massage oils and liniments. Lior will discuss the step by step process of making great herb infused oils and utilizing a wide variety of herbs. We’ll finish by making simple salves with the class. Participants will receive take home goodies and handouts.

Stocking up for Winter 

September is the time when man and animal stock their pantry for the winter. Herbalists use this time to stock their medicine cabinet with herbs that help prevent winter disease and support us through the outbreak of it. Join me for a day of preparing ourselves and our medicine cabinet for winter. Come experience working with the herbs outside in the garden and inside in the processing room by creating  ear drops for your loved ones.