What's in the Name?

Most people, upon hearing our farm's name for the first time, ask “Do you keep bees? Do you sell local honey?” The answer is yes and no. Yes we do keep bees, because we care about them and believe that without them we will not be able to produce food or enjoy the beauty of colorful flowers. However, we do not sell honey.

Beatrice "B" FieldsOur farm is named after Beatrice Fields, or “B” as we all knew her. “B” was Elad's grandmother who passed away at the age of 101, at about the same hour that we first came to the house and land that became “Bee Fields Farm.” It was a rainy day when we walked the yard, saw the apple tree, the woods and the sloping meadows. We could envision what this place could look like with a little bit of work and we were very excited about it. After supper we got the news that Beatrice passed away.

We were sad and happy at the same time. She lived a full life and left us in dignity.  Beatrice was born on April 6, 1910 in Manhattan, New York. She lived and worked in New York until she was 85, when she decided to move closer to her children in Israel. Her memories of the beginning of the century in the “Big Apple” were history for us (whom she called “tootsies”) and plain life for her. She was a keen story teller. Her hands were always busy with knitting bootie's for all her children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. We loved Safta B and decided to unite her legacy of strength, work ethics and sense of humor with the creation of our farm.