What's in the Logo

Our logo was drawn by Lior and is very meaningful to us. The upright plant rooted strongly into the earth and thriving into the cosmos is a picture of all earthly beings trying to find balance between the forces of the earth, minerals and gravity, and the forces of the cosmos, light and warmth.

Between Earth and heaven, the leaves create a second horizontal balance. This horizontal balance is represented by the shape of the lemniscate. Many people recognize the lemnsicate as an abstract symbol for eternity, but the lemniscate form is expressed in many places within the human body (lungs, rib bones, sight nerves) and outside in nature. When you come to visit our garden, you will see our two very long paralleling leminscate beds. These two beds express the transformation from inside to  outside. What is the inner circle on one side becomes the outer circle in the other side, Just like in  Goethe's poem.

In leaves, water and minerals meets with air and light in the mysterious process of photosynthesis. In this process, light is transformed into sugars that we can digest. Leaves create the balance between the roots that sense the soil and the colorful flower that opens itself to pollinators. Leaves are the heart and lungs of the plant, rhythmically arranged around the stem.

If you walk through our garden on a warm sunny day, you will hear the buzzing of bees and see them busying themselves about the calendula, borage, clover and many other flowers. The bee, a sunny being of warmth, is an extremely important part of our ecosystem. Without bees many fruits and vegetables will be off our menu. Bees pollinate clover and alfalfa that feed farm animals, as well as most of the herbs that season our food and heal our body. We are extremely grateful for the bees and the hard work that they are doing and hope to support them as much as they support us. Our garden is planned such as that bees can find blooming flowers from early spring to late fall.