Healing Plant Garden

The healing plant garden is part of the diverse ecosystem of Bee Fields Farm. Over 100 medicinal herbs flourish in it. When we planned the garden, it was important for us to create it as an inner circle within the wider Bee Fields Farm. The plants were chosen to provide us with a variety of edible and medicinal properties, and the pollinators with variety of flowers from early spring into late fall. We choose them to provide a variety of textures, colors, forms and smells because we believe that variety provides not only beauty, but also health, balance and harmony.

We are also committed to growing plants that used to be in abundant in the woods and meadows of New England, and are now considered to be At Risk. We do not  use these plants when preparing remedies. We are very grateful to have them as companions and let  their wisdom guide us and protect the well being of our farm. A trail in the wood allows visitors to experience what it was like walking the woods around here when “lady's slippers” was still common.

The garden allows us, our customers and our visitors to experience a deep connection with nature and its ever changing forms and colors. Nothing ever stays the same in the garden and so our daily work changes by the season and the weather. In mid-March, when the days begin to be warmer, we start seeding thousands of seeds in our greenhouse, guided by the biodynamic calendar. Over 90% of our herb plants starts their way as seeds. In April and May we uncover the beds from their winter slumber, add compost, lime and spray biodynamic preparation 500. In late May and June we transplant seedling from the greenhouse to beds. Summer times are high season, and we spend most of the day outside in the garden. We harvest in the early morning before the sun is too high in the sky, and we weed and water into the evenings. When the leaves in the woods start to change colors, they remind us that fall is upon us. Although there is still plenty of work in the garden - digging roots, collecting seeds, building compost piles and mulching the beds, the days are shorter and our hands are busy. Like the Earth, we spend the winter months in dream. We create our medicinal remedies from the herbs we grew in the past season and make our plans for the next season. We are very passionate about the work that we do and feel at awe to find out the surprises our garden prepares for us each day.

Visitors are warmly invited to share the beauty of our herb garden by taking a self-guided tour or by coming to experience, work and study alongside the plants. The herbs that grow in our garden adorn it with many colors, shapes and smells making a visit to our garden a celebration to all the senses.