Crafted by hand

At Bee Fields Farm we work full-heartedly with the intention to create wholesome food and medicine. Because we believe that our hands are an extension of our hearts, we hand-craft all of our remedies.

During the summer, we harvest lush green leaves and flowers with all the colors of the rainbow.

Baskets overflowing with purple borage, yellow mullein, orange calendula and white chamomile are carried into the drying room. Once in the drying room, the herbs are weighed and gently laid on drying screens.

The awakening aroma of peppermint and holy basil, and the calming aroma of Calendula, sage, and chamomile fill the drying room. We strip and mix the herbs for our tea mixes with our hands in a big wooden tub. We macerate our herbs in oil, and leave the jars exposed to the sun during the day and the moon and planets during the night for fourteen days. We mix, pour and label our remedies by hand. We are sure that our remedies are potent, because we have touched and smelled them.

For us, handcrafting our medicine ensures that we do our work in a pace and atmosphere of deep reverence for the gifts of nature. We feel that by thriving to hold the soil, plants and remedies in our heart and hands, we provide you with our healing intentions.