Bee Fields CSA is CLOSED for 2020/21 season!

Elad is growing vegetables for Temple-Wilton Community Farm (CSA). If you are interested in joining Teimple-Wilton, please contact Anthony Graham (603-654-5751 or agraham@tellink.net). For more information, please visit www.twcfarm.com)



What is CSA?

Community Supported Agriculture is an economic, social, and cultural model that creates a mutually beneficial relationship between the farmers, members (community) and the land. Community members know where, how and by who their food was grown, while CSA farmers receive consistent financial support, appreciation, and the satisfaction of knowing the people that eat the food they grow.

Why join Bee Fields CSA?

  • Get a constant supply of freshly picked, locally grown vegetables
  • Enjoy the healthiest food - Biodynamically grown without the use of any chemical/synthetic fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides and without the risk of genetically modified organisms (GMOs)
  • Get to know who grows your food, where it grows, and how
  • Support a small local farm that grows real food; your money stays in the local economy
  • Reduce environmental costs of transporting, packaging and marketing
  • Allow the farmer to focus on maintaining the fertility and health of the farm
  • Be part of a farm community

How does our CSA works?

Our CSA is about growing and sharing the food together. We share the bounty that nature provides as well as the risks and costs that are part of agriculture. We strive to provide enough food to feed our members throughout the year!

Once a week during the off-season and twice a week during the summer*, members can pick the produce they need to feed their families - in free form. You choose which produce you like and how much of it. At the peak of the season, you can take extra in order to process and store it for the winter. During the winter months, in addition to storage crops, we grow greens in our 3 greenhouses.

All the produce that we grow, goes to the CSA members. All the produce that goes to the CSA members, we grow!

How much does it cost?

Each year, the farmer presents to the members an annual budget. The annual budget includes all the operational expenses and labor costs. To figure out the cost of membership, the annual budget is divided by the target number of members. This gives us the “real” or full cost of membership.

To cover the annual budget, each household makes an annual pledge. Pledges can be above or bellow the full cost depending on financial ability. There is no direct connection between how much one pays and how much food one takes.

Costs and Membership details: CSA membership runs 34 weeks from May 3rd till December 20st. The "full cost" of this membership is $1224 ($36/week)

Pledges can be paid in monthly, quarterly or bi-annual installments. 

How do I join or find more information?

To find out more about 2018/19 season, please download our brochureFor more information about how we do things and why, please read our "Community agreement & Pledge form". This form include information about costs and payments. We are currently inviting new members to our community! To join our CSA, please fill out the "Community agreement & Pledge form" and send or drop at Bee Fields Farm (555 Abbot Hill Rd, Wilton, NH 03086).

If you'd like more details, please call Elad at (603) 213‐0414 or send an email. You can also subscribe to our "Prospective CSA members" mailing list to get updates and information about CSA.


Testimonials of our CSA members

"I have been a member of 3 other CSAs, each operated differently.  I love Bee Fields’ concept of ‘pay your share, take what you need.’  This CSA strives to make a living wage by growing food in sustainable ways, and as a result you will find the vegetables and herbs to be the freshest—a far cry above grocery store organic as they only travel a few hundred feet vs thousands of miles!  This actually makes a difference in their nutrient density, and in their taste.

The spinach and baby kale leaves we were getting this March made a delicious salad when chopped finely with my chef’s knife, mixed with a large handful of the CSA alfalfa sprouts, and topped with the herbed oil and vinegar purchased from Lior’s herb shop.  This salad provides vitamin C and A for the day in one salad, with healthy doses of magnesium, calcium, selenium, and other vitamins and minerals. This CSA is an investment in flavor, nutrition, and the environment."

~Michelle Scott

"Most Friday afternoons when I arrive at Bee Fields for our weekly pick-up, I will find Elad and Lior in the garden. I love that I am greeted warmly, and Lior is always anxious to share some new wonder in the garden. Sometimes it’s baby goats, other times it’s a new herb she has planted. I can casually mention some minor malady and she will immediately recommend something from the garden to cure it!

The Sadeh’s knowledge, enthusiasm and dedication to our community farm is not something that you can put a price on. They work long, exhausting days in the garden, at a market, in the drying shed, greenhouse, or running a workshop. Farming is a seven day a week job, and if you have a family, like the Sadeh’s, it means everyone is involved. I love that when I arrive at their farm on any given day, I am welcomed as though I were part of that family."

~Christine Robidoux

"What a wonderful BIODYNAMIC CSA! The impressive variety of vegetables are clean and beautifully presented. Some are refrigerated to keep them fresh. The best part, though, is that they are not allocated - you take only what you need, not what they determine your 'share' is. Definitely worth the investment.

The owners are knowledgeable, super-friendly, and amazingly hard working. Vegetables, pasture-raised eggs, dried herbs, teas, tinctures, and salves are available year-round. In the fall, they sell home-made preserves. Surprisingly, they often have fresh greens in the winter! On occasion, they also have goat's milk, goat yogurt, kefir, kimchi, and gluten-free baked goods. If you're looking for HEALTHY food, this is the place!"

~Barbara Healy

"One of the best things about being a Bee Fields member is moving from being a "customer" to being a "partner". As members of this community of a few dozen families, we are personally involved and have a stake in the farm's success. In a way the farm feels like our own!"

~Mike Anderson

"We compared Bee Fields' pricing of $35/week to other CSAs.  Another local CSA runs the same style program and charges $44/week.  The CSA we used to be members at charges $34/week but you are limited to one box of pre-selected vegetables and no options for the fall and winter. Given the opportunity to select the vegetables you want, locally and organically grown plus the ability to take enough to process at given times, we felt that Bee Fields was a bargain."

~Brian Landrigan

"Over the three years we have been members, the farm has changed not only the way we eat but also the way we think about food and nutrition. And we have met and worked with other families who share a commitment to community supported agriculture. Touring the farm, "harvesting" rocks, weeding the herb gardens, and digging potatoes have made the true cost of our food more evident."

~Serafin Anderson