Bee Fields Farm

chamomile flowersBee Fields Farm is a small family farm on Abbot Hill in Wilton, NH. We care for thirteen acres of woods, wetlands and farmland. Our vision is to create a balance between vegetable, medicinal herbs, chickens, bees and goats. A balance is not a fixed condition but an ongoing process in which the journey is as important as the outcome.

We strongly believe that a farm that is based on diversity benefits the earth. Since the health and vitality of the plants is deeply connected to the soil in which they grow, we put a lot of attention to enhance our earth's fertility and vitality. Most of the works in our farm are done gently by hands with the aim of minimizing the heavy impact of machinery on the land

The interdependency between the different parts of our farm is expressed in the way our goats and chicken provide compost for the vegetable and healing herb garden. In the healing herb garden, we grow plants like Valerian, yarrow and chamomile that we than use for the biodynamic preparation. We use the straw from the oats that we grow for our remedies to mulch the beds, and feed the chickens with food scraps. By keeping bees, we ensure pollination; by planting plants that bees love we make sure that they thrive.

The keeping of the farm fills our days with much loved work. We love to do our work in a pace that allows us to pay attention to the small details and reverence to the Earth and to nature. We are very grateful for the opportunity we were given to be the stewards of this land.